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I have too many thoughts these days and I think it’s necessary to write down to sort my mind. As I talked to a girl last time in a meeting, observe every-day life and note the thoughts down is what makes a designer.

An interesting Infographic shows the importance of writing. That’s why people keep using diaries and notes to tangibilize their daily life. I have a bad memory and usually I’m too lazy to record some thoughts, even though I was thinking they were actually valuable for myself.

I used to use some twitter-ish social media to note down some fragmental thoughts. I don’t know if that’s helpful. Since everything could be limited just in 140 words, it actually prevents you to think deeper and more. As a non-talkative person, this limit will only hold up the chances to practice building up a systematic thinking.

I started to write some academic essays from one year ago, after I came to Denmark to study. Before that, I have never been educated to write academic papers, no to mention in English. I was still confused until rewriting Interaction Research paper in the last two months. That time I realized how important to make a clear logic for readers instead of loading my writing with fancy phases — this is probably coming from some Chinese writing style, the more confused the article looks, the better job you have done.

Nevertheless, sometimes my mind is just being lazy to think more, or don’t have the mood to write some long paragraphs so to speak. And I know this is a shortage that not being active enough in private or social occasions. I’m not a slow-learner, but with more spontaneousness I’m sure I will be happier to be the professional role I want to be.

Another thing that also mentioned in the infographic, is storytelling. In real life I’m not a good narrator. I once read a lot but I have never been a touching narrator. When I tell story jokes normally it’s only me feel funny. When I want to tell some real story, I always forgot the details, which makes it not real or hard to be attractive any more. But I know so many stories, even everyday I feel there are some interesting stories that I want to tell someone. It has been hard to find a person who can listen to my nonsense now since I moved again and again. Maybe I really need to write them down, even though making up some parts to make it funnier. Just as I planned to write a booklet for my trip to Spain, I never made it real or available to be exposed so to speak. I will try to write as much English as possible since I’m doing my thesis, but depends on my mood maybe I will want to write in my mother tongue sometimes. But it’s a shame that neglecting all the stories around you and live a kee-jerk life, especially when there’s no person listening to your nonsense any more.

Let’s make it real.

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